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Lennon's comments on Live at Star Club 1962

Subject: Vocals on Live at Star Club 1962 - John Lennon's comments
From: Malcolm Atkinson 
Date: 6 May 1996 12:38:56 GMT

"David J. Coyle"  wrote:
>Well if it's not Horst Fascher, then its not Horst Obber either. "Obber" 
>means "waiter" in German. It's obvious someone named Horst. It must be 
>documented somwhere.

I think I can offer some help on this.  In May '94, there was an article 
in 'Beatle Book' about the auction of Beatles memorabilia at Christies.  
Included in the article was a facilile of a two letter written by John 
Lennon on Lennonono Music stationary in 1977 about the proposed release 
of the 1962 Star Club tapes.  Most of it is typed, but there are a few 
hand written amendments notes too (I will show these in [] brackets)...

"Side One: "I Saw Her Standing There" (Track One)
There were no recordings or performances of this song prior to the EMI 
one in the studio (at least not in '62)   

Side Two: "Twist And Shout" (Track One)
Was not even released by the Isley Bros (in the UK anyway) in 1962.  It 
came out in UK 1963 (the year Julian Lennon was born).  IF I ever 
performed it in Hamburg, it had to be after EMI CONTRACT

          "Mr Moonlight" (Track Two)
This also sounds like a different session than the Kingsize Taylor tape 
eg the drummer is different

           Track Five
Is not a Beatle track - at least no one of us [is] singing.  I don't 
recall the song AT ALL

Side Three: "Ask Me Why" (Track Five)
Same as "Standing There" XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX It belongs to EMI.
"To Know Her Is To Love Her" is John, not George, as stated in their 
sleve note

  "Be-Bop-A-Lula" (Track six) } The singer on these two songs is
  "Halleujah" (track seven)   } a German called Horst Fascher [a waiter]

Side Four Is OK

Comment: Hippy Shake, Mr Moonlight, Twist And Shout, Ask Me Why    
                            (Page 2)

I Saw Her Standing There.  These songs sound as [if] they are from a 
different tape completely from the so-called "King-Sized Taylor" tape 
(especially the drums) - different drummer

The sleve note XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX apart from being inaccurate, seems 
to have been written with a court case in mind.

                                       [John Lennon]

                                  [THIS IS A FUCKING FAKE!]

[The bit about Ringo is bullshit - even if he is on Polydor...]"

(Beatle Book, May '94, p.12)

John seems convinced that the waiter's name was Horst Fascher.  Its 
facinating to read John's opinion on the unofficial Star Club album, 
especially his assertion that the tapes come from more than one concert. 
Interesting too is his outraged assertion that track five "is not a 
Beatle track" - track five was George performing Buddy Holly's 
'Reminiscing' (maybe the advance pressing he got to comment on had a 
slightly different running order). 

As for his final comment about Ringo? Well, it was obvious that the tape 
featured Ringo, not Pete Best, and since Ringo replaced Pete after the 
contract with EMI had been signed, all recordings of the group would have 
been EMI's property (or something like that).  So the compilers of the 
Star Club album wrote deliberately confusing sleve notes which tried to 
place the recordings well before the signing of the contract with EMI in 
June 4 '62.  But how to account for Ringo on drums?  By saying Ringo was 
only sitting in for Pete Best the night the performance was taped - hence 
John's comments about Ringo, as well as the release date of Twist And 
"You might very well think that, but of course, I couldn't possibly 

    Malcolm Atkinson of New Zealand 

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