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Beatles Scrapbook
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Beatles Scrapbook 1963-76

See Beatlemania chronicled as it happened with these scans of 36 articles from leading periodicals of the time including Newsweek, Time, Life, The New Yorker, Saturday Review, etc.

Images are best viewed at 100%, if this is not practical in your Web browser use the download link to view them with your favorite image-viewing application.

  "Beatlemania," Newsweek, 11/18/63.  Preview | Download
  "Britons Succumb to Beatlemania," The New York Times Magazine, 12/1/63.  Preview | Download
  "The Beatles Is Coming," Newsweek, 2/3/64."  Preview | Download
  "The Unbarbershopped Quartet," Time, 2/21/64.  Preview | Download
  "The Feeling of Youth," The New Republic, 2/22/64.  Preview | Download
  "George, Paul, Ringo, and John," Newsweek, 2/24/64.  Preview | Download
  "The Return of The Beatles," Saturday Evening Post, 8/8/64.  Preview | Download
  "Hiram's Report: More About the Beatles," The New Yorker, 8/22/64.  Preview | Download
  "There Stood the Beatles as the Smoke Lifted," Life, 8/28/64.  Preview | Download
  "Brian Epstein: The Cool Brain Behind the Bonfire," Gail Cameron, Life, 8/28/64.  Preview | Download
  "Beatlemania - The Most or The Worst?," Senior Scholastic, 2/4/65.  Preview | Download
  "Buying the Beatles," Time, 2/19/65.  Preview | Download
  "Beatle Gals," Life, 5/21/65.  Preview | Download
  "Mopheads, M.B.E.," Newsweek, 6/28/65.  Preview | Download
  "Trade Winds: Shea Stadium Concert," John G. Fuller, Saturday Review, 9/18/65.  Preview | Download
  "Best of the Beatles," Time, 12/31/65.  Preview | Download
  "Bards of Pop," Newsweek, 3/21/66.  Preview | Download
  "Blues for the Beatles," Newsweek, 8/22/66.  Preview | Download
  "According to John," Time, 8/12/66.  Preview | Download
  "Is Beatlemania Dead?," Time 9/2/66.  Preview | Download
  "Everybody Has a Beatle," Elinor Wikler, Readers Digest, 10/66.  Preview | Download
  "Other Noises, Other Notes," Time, 3/3/67.  Preview | Download
  "A Beatle Metaphysic," Richard Corliss, Commonweal, 5/12/67.  Preview | Download
  "George Martin: Mix-Master to the Beatles," Time, 6/16/67.  Preview | Download
  "Sgt. Pepper," The New Yorker, 6/24/67.  Preview | Download
  "Beatles, Op. 15," Gene Lees, High Fidelity, 8/67.  Preview | Download
  "Voices in the Classroom - Facing the Music (Sgt. Pepper's)," Peter Schrag, Saturday Review, 8/19/67.  Preview | Download
  "Beatle Roundup," Newsweek, 9/7/70.  Preview | Download
  "The Four Little Beatles and How They Grew," Time, 9/22/67.  Preview | Download
  "After Sgt. Pepper (Magical Mystery Tour)," Mike Jahn, Saturday Review, 12/30/67.  Preview | Download
  "Secular Music (Sgt. Pepper's)," Robert Christgau, Esquire, 12/67.  Preview | Download
  "Beatledämmerung," Time, 1/25/71.  Preview | Download
  "Beatles to Remember, Beatles to Forget," Bud Scoppa, Senior Scholastic, 3/29/71.  Preview | Download
  "Beatles Apart," Senior Scholastic, 1/31/72.  Preview | Download
  "Beatlefest," The New Yorker, 9/23/74.  Preview | Download
  "Blitz in Britain," Time, 5/3/76.  Preview | Download

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