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A preview of a new Paul McCartney interview with the BBC Radio 4's This Cultural Life series reveals that Sir Paul has decided to set the record straight on who was behind the decision to split up the Beatles. "I didn't instigate the split. That was our Johnny," Macca said of John Lennon in a preview of his upcoming interview shared on The Guardian's website. "John walked into a room one day and said I am leaving The Beatles. Is that instigating the split, or not?" He also added, "This was my band, this was my job, this was my life, so I wanted it to continue." Paul McCartneyFurther speaking on what he described as "the most difficult period" of his life, McCartney explained that following Lennon's decision, he and remaining members Ringo Starr and George Harrison were "left to pick up the pieces," and confusion surrounding their breakup arose because their manager Allen Klein advised them to keep quiet while business deals were concluded. "So for a few months we had to pretend," McCartney says. "It was weird because we all knew it was the end of the Beatles but we couldn't just walk away." Paul added that he "let the cat out of the bag" after being "fed up of hiding it." "Around about that time we were having little meetings and it was horrible. It was the opposite of what we were. We were musicians, not meeting people," he said. McCartney sued the Beatles in 1970 but he explains he did so as a means to avoid Klein's control. "I had to fight, and the only way I could fight was in suing the other Beatles, because they were going with Klein. And they thanked me for it years later," he said. The interview is scheduled to air in full on BBC Radio 4 on Oct. 23. Meanwhile, in a new interview with The New Yorker, McCartney said he feels the Beatles' main '60s rival The Rolling Stones were mainly "a blues cover band." "I'm not sure I should say it, but they're a blues cover band, that's sort of what the Stones are. I think our net was cast a bit wider than theirs," Paul said. In Apr. 2020, McCartney told Sirius XM host Howard Stern that "When [the Stones] are writing stuff, it has to do with the blues. [The Beatles] had a little more influences." "There's a lot of differences, and I love the Stones, but I'm with you. The Beatles were better," Paul said. Elsewhere on the Fab Four front, Ringo Starr has opened up about a bizarre reunion offer made to the Beatles in 1973, which they turned down. Starr is featured an Oct. 11 profile of Paul McCartney talking about the band turning down "a fortune" to reunite for a concert, which proposed an opening act of a man wrestling a shark. "We called each other and said no," Ringo said. "We were taking our own roads now." The McCartney profile had focused on the upcoming three-part Beatles documentary The Beatles: Get Back from director Peter Jackson which is due in November. - The Hollywood Reporter/New Musical Express...... Ringo Starr is part of a massive, all-star group of the world's greatest drummers who've gathered for a cover of the Beatles' Come Together" for a good cause. The effort, part of WhyHunger's "Drum Together" campaign, brought together 100 of the world's elite drummers including Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band), Stewart Copeland (the Police), Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel), Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge), Steve Gadd (Steely Dan) and sessions legend Jim Keltner (who helped organize the campaign) to raise funds to build a "just, hunger-free" world. The funds raised by the recording will support WhyHunger's mission to end global hunger by "tackling its root causes and investing in grassroots solutions to advance the human right to nutritious food for all," according to a statement. The project was conceptualized and produced by Tony Award-winner Brian Resnick (Hadestown) and legendary drummer/educator Dom Famularo, with the latter saying, "When it comes to impactful compositions, 'Come Together' is at the top of the list. It was the perfect song to galvanize this community for such a critical cause." A jazzy, 10-minute video for the effort has been shared on YouTube and opens with Starr playing the song's iconic intro, then quickly being joined by a galaxy of players drumming along on a wide variety of percussion instruments and impressive kits, joined by horns, guitars and vocalists, with plenty of time for a number of them to get in ripping drum solos. - Billboard...... Peter Frampton is among the contributors to the third annual "Dear John Concert For War Child UK" virtual concert set for Oct. 9. Ahead of the event, Frampton and other musicians have released their official "Dear John" anthem in tribute to the legacy of John Lennon. "Dear John" has been released featuring the daughter of former Small Faces rocker Steve Marriott, Mollie Marriott, and Frampton, who has worked with Ringo Starr and David Bowie. Tickets for the live-streamed event on sale now from, and the new video for "Dear John" can be viewed on YouTube. The non-profit War Child UK organization supports young people in war-torn countries. - Eric ClaptonA newly unearthed interview with John Lennon reportedly reveals the Beatles were considering replacing George Harrison with Harrison's close friend and fellow musician Eric Clapton. The revelation comes from more than 120 hours of unheard audio and 50 hours of unseen footage made during director Michael Lindsay-Hogg's "fly-on-the-wall" film of the recording of the band's Let It Be album. The tape hears Lennon threaten to replace Harrison with Clapton after Harrison temporarily quit the band in Jan. 1969 during the recording of Let It Be, which would become the Beatles' final LP release. The sudden departure of Harrison -- who felt that his songs weren't getting as much attention as those of Lennon and Paul McCartney -- worried McCartney and Ringo Starr. Lennon, however, while sympathetic, was also practical about the situation, and suggested that Clapton could be a possible replacement. Lennon said that Harrison's attitude had been "a festering wound and we allowed it to go deeper and we didn't even give him any bandages." "I think if George doesn't come back by (next week) we ask Eric Clapton to play," Lennon said. Harrison, who had been to see his mother in Liverpool, returned to the studio with the band six days later. Peter Jackson's upcoming new Disney+ documentary, The Beatles: Get Back, will focus on the making of Let It Be and will showcase their final concert as a band, on London's Savile Row rooftop, in its entirety. Disney+ has confirmed the documentary will arrive in three separate parts on November 25, 26 and 27. Each episode is approximately two hours in length. Ahead of the documentary's release a The Beatles: Get Back book will arrive on Oct. 12, featuring transcriptions of the band's recorded conversations and hundreds of exclusive, never before published photos from the three weeks of sessions. - New Musical Express...... In other Beatles-related news, Paul McCartney's pal and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has revealed that Paul gave his daughter her very first piano lesson in his upcoming memoir, The Storyteller. "We have wine and pizza and we were hanging out, and it was time for Paul to go," Grohl told The Graham Norton Show in an interview which has been shared on YouTube. "Paul and [his wife] Nancy were leaving and there was a piano in the corner of the room, and he just can't help himself. So he sits down at the piano and starts playing 'Lady Madonna'... My daughter Harper, who I think was five at the time, is watching Paul McCartney on the piano and she goes to the kitchen and gets a coffee cup, puts some change in it and puts it on top of the piano like it's a tip jar. She'd never taken a lesson to play any instrument at that point and she sat down and watched his hands. They sat down together, and he was showing her what to play, and they wrote a song together." Grohl's book is due out Oct. 5 via Dey Street Books. Meanwhile, McCartney has been revealed as the person behind a set of "Grandude" ads which have recently appeared in local newspapers across the UK. The advertisements have run in the classified section of papers such as the Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo and Scotland's Daily Record over the last week of September. "Grandude and chillers seek information leading to the whereabouts of Nandude," the ad begins. The "Grandude" in question refers to the main character in McCartney's range of children's books, which began with the picture book Hey Grandude! in Sept. 2019. - NME...... Elsewhere on the Fab Four front, a recording of John Lennon playing an unreleased song in Denmark in 1970 has sold for £43,000 at auction in Copenhagen. The audio, which was recorded after a press conference as John and wife Yoko Ono were spending time with his wife Yoko Ono's daughter Kyoko who was living with her father in Jutland, includes a conversation between the four teenagers, Lennon and some local journalists. After their chat, Lennon played a number of songs for them, including a track called "Radio Peace," which remains unreleased. The artefact went under the hammer in Copenhagen on Sept. 28, and while it was expected to fetch between 27,000-40,000 (£23,000-£34,000), the final figure it sold for was £43,000 (370,000 Danish kroner). Ringo StarrMeanwhile, Ringo Starr says he's unsure about his touring plans for 2022 because the Covid-19 situation is still "dodgy." Starr, 81, says he had no choice but to call off all his All-Starr Band shows in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, and that he is still wary about risking his health. "I'm not going out this year. They've sent me the itinerary over for next year but it's impossible to say if it's on. I'm saying in my heart it's on, but let's see where we are," said Ringo, who recently released a new EP called Change the World. - NME...... A trailer for the Beatles documentary The Beatles and India has been shared on YouTube. The award-winning film explores the lasting legacy from the Fab Four's ground-breaking 1968 visit to Rishikesh, India. It sheds light on how India shaped the development of the greatest ever rock band and their pioneering role in bringing together two vastly different cultures. The film is set for its U.K. digital release on Oct. 4, courtesy of 101 Films. The documentary won Best Film Audience Choice and Best Music in Tongues On Fire at the 2021 UK Asian Film Festival, where it premiered earlier in 2021. The DVD and Blu-ray release from Cherry Red and an album Songs Inspired By The Film The Beatles And India will drop via Silva Screen Records on Oct. 29. - New mixes of classic tracks by the Beatles have been shared on ahead of the forthcoming special edition re-release of the band's 1970 album Let It Be on Oct. 15. "Get Back" (Take 8), "One After 909" (Take 3), "I Me Mine" (1970 Glyn Johns Mix) and "Across The Universe" (2021 Stereo Mix) can be sampled on the music platform for the new Let It Be edition, which has been newly mixed by producer Giles Martin and engineer Sam Okell in stereo, 5.1 surround DTS and Dolby Atmos. The physical and digital "super deluxe" Let It Be collections will feature 27 previously unreleased session recordings, a four-track "Let It Be" EP and the never-before-released 14-track Get Back stereo LP mix, which was compiled by engineer Glyn Johns in May 1969. A new hardcover book, titled The Beatles: Get Back, will also be included with the "super deluxe" editions of Let It Be, with a foreword written by Paul McCartney. Meanwhile in other Beatles-related news, the Beatles and Metallica mash-up band Beatallica has announced their fourth studio album, The Devolver Album, will hit stores on Nov. 12 via Metal Assault Records. Beatallica will release a music video for the album's lead single, "Wherever And Everywhere," via the group's YouTube channel on Oct. 1. - New Musical Express...... John LennonElsewhere on the Fab Four front, a 33-minute recording of John Lennon playing an unreleased song in Denmark in 1970 is going up for auction in Copenhagen later in September. The recording is being sold by four Danish men who met Lennon when they were teenagers as the international superstar was spending the winter of 1969-1970 in a small Danish town on the west coast wife Yoko Ono's daughter Kyoko, who was living with her father in Jutland. The audio, which was recorded after a press conference, includes a conversation between the four teenagers, Lennon and some local journalists. After their chat, Lennon plays a number of songs for them, including a track called "Radio Peace," which remains unreleased. The artefact will go under the hammer in Copenhagen on Sept. 28, and is expected to fetch between 27,000-40,000 (£23,000-£34,000). "The tape is totally unique because it's a conversation. It took place after a press conference with the four schoolboys and some journalists, and John Lennon plays a few songs for them," a spokesperson for the Bruun Rasmussen auction house says. "One of them, 'Radio Peace', has never been published. It's a little piece of Danish history and when we listen to it, we can sense that John Lennon felt cosy in Denmark. He could be left alone and just be," the spokesperson added. Elsewhere, a John Lennon tribute show called "Dear John" is set to be livestreamed in October. The online event will follow on from the release earlier this year of the Dear John tribute album, which featured Lennon covers by a range of artists and raised money for the War Child charity. A livestream tribute concert will now take place on Oct. 9 to mark what would have been Lennon's 81st birthday, with the event benefitting War Child once again. Participants will include Peter Frampton, Martin Freeman, Matt Lucas, Jack Savoretti, Fearne Cotton and Yola, among others. Tickets for the "Dear John" event can be purchased at - NME...... Paul McCartney is set to discuss his new book The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present at the Royal Festival Hall at London's Southbank Centre on Nov. 5, three days after the book hits stores. Sir Paul's new book recounts the musician's life through his earliest boyhood compositions, songs by the Beatles and Wings, and from his lengthy solo career. As well as the in-person event, the conversation will also be livestreamed globally. Tickets for the Southbank event and livestream are available at the South Bank Centre site. The Lyrics will be presented with previously unseen drafts, letters and pictures from McCartney's personal archive. In August, McCartney revealed the names of the 154 songs that are featured in his forthcoming career-spanning biography. To accompany the new book, the British Library has announced it will host a free display entitled "Paul McCartney: The Lyrics" between Nov. 5, 2021 and Mar. 13, 2022. - New Musical Express...... 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' - The BeatlesSheila Bromberg, a former harpist with British symphony orchestras who contributed the intro and rhythm to the track "She's Leaving Home" on the Beatles' 1967 masterpiece Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, died on Sept. 12. She was 92. Ms. Bromberg was a busy symphony musician when an agent called on Mar. 17, 1967, to offer her a three-hour stint that night as a session musician at the EMI recording studio on Abbey Road in London. Ms. Bromberg was offered only £9 (about $17) for her work, and with two young children to feed, showed up at 8:30 p.m. to tune her harp and was handed a piece of sheet music. Backed by a full string section, the intro set the poignant tone of "She's Leaving Home" before Beatle Paul McCartney (who recorded separately) began the lyric "Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock as the day begins..." Only later did she learn that the notes she played were to be the intro on "She's Leaving Home" by the Beatles. The song was released months later on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, one of the most acclaimed albums in pop music history. Referring to her part in Sgt. Pepper in a 2011 interview with the Oxford Mail newspaper, Ms. Bromberg said, "I feel very grateful to have been chosen to be on it. And I feel very proud that that piece of work has given such a tremendous amount of pleasure to everyone. But what amazes me, of all the music I've performed in, I'm noted for four bars of music. I find that a little bizarre." - The Sunday Globe UK...... John Lennon and Yoko Ono's iconic peace anthem "Imagine" will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a special global party, Yoko announced on Sept. 2. Lennon released the song -- as well as an album and a film by the same name -- in 1971 with the help of his wife Yoko, who co-produced the record. As "Imagine" approaches its 50th birthday on Sept. 9, Yoko and her son Sean Ono Lennon as well as the Lennon Estate and Universal Music Group are hosting a global party. Speaking about the iconic track, Yoko said: "John and I were both artists and we were living together, so we inspired each other. The song 'Imagine' embodied what we believed together at the time... We have this oneness and 'the whole world would eventually become one' is the sense that we will all be very happy together. All these instructions are for people for how to spend eternity, because we have lots of time." Among the events taking place to mark the anniversary is a watch party for the 1971 film Imagine, which was one of the first full-length conceptual music films and contains all the songs from John's Imagine album as well as four songs from Yoko's FLY LP. In 2018, under the supervision of Yoko, the film was completely reassembled in HD from the original 16mm negative reels and cleaned and digitally restored frame-by-frame with the audio completely remixed. The watch party will begin at 7:30 pm BST on Sept. 9, and people can tune in either online, or in person at participating venues for free. On Sept. 10, Capitol and Universal Music Group will release a limited collector's edition pressing of Imagine as a double LP on white vinyl. The unique and expanded edition, Imagine - The Ultimate Mixes & Out-takes, includes the original demo for "Imagine" alongside a host of outtakes that demonstrate the writing and recording process and showcase the evolution of the songs. Three-dimensional Dolby Atmos mixes and full-length Stereo versions of the content in Imagine - The Ultimate Collection will be made available on streaming services to celebrate John Lennon's birthday this year, on Oct. 9. - The BeatlesThe Beatles have announced a new special edition re-release of their 1970 album Let It Be will be released on Oct. 15 in a series of special edition packages, including a Super Deluxe 5 CD/Blue-ray box set, a Super Deluxe 4 LP + 12" EP vinyl box set, a Deluxe 2-CD edition, and a Special Edition vinyl LP. The expanded edition will feature never-before-released session recordings, rehearsals and studio jams, as well as a previously unreleased 1969 Get Back LP mix by producer/engineer Glyn Johns. Three songs from the revamped collection -- "Let It Be" - 2021 Mix, "Don't Let Me Down" - First Rooftop Performance, and "For You Blue" - 1969 Glyn Johns Mix -- were made available on on Aug. 26 to mark the new releases. The Let It Be revamp follows previously released anniversary Special Editions' of the band's Sgt. Peppers, "White Album", and Abbey Road albums in 2017, 2018 and 2019, respectively, and like those releases, has been mixed by producer Giles Martin and engineer Sam Okell. The physical and digital Super Deluxe collections will feature 27 previously unreleased session recordings, a four-track "Let It Be" EP, and the never before released 14-track Get Back stereo LP mix compiled by engineer Glyn Johns in May 1969. An official trailer for the Let It Be reissues has been shared on YouTube. - Billboard...... On Aug. 23 Paul McCartney revealed the names of the 154 songs that are featured in his forthcoming career-spanning biography, The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present. First announced in February for a Nov. 2 release, the book recount the iconic musician's life through his earliest boyhood compositions, songs by the Beatles, Wings and from his lengthy solo career. Arranged alphabetically to provide a kaleidoscopic rather than chronological account, The Lyrics establishes definitive texts of the songs' lyrics for the first time and describes the circumstances in which they were written, the people and places that inspired them, and what Paul thinks of them now. Co-authored with Pulitzer Prize winning writer Paul Muldoon, the book will also be presented with previously unseen drafts, letters and pictures from the musician's personal archive. An official trailer for The Lyrics has been made available on YouTube. What's more, Macca has also teamed up with the British Library, which will host a free display, entitled "Paul McCartney: The Lyrics," between Nov. 5, 2021, and Mar. 12, 2022. Spanning his storied six-decade career, the exhibit will feature previously unseen lyrics from his personal archive from his time in the Beatles, Wings and his solo career. - New Musical Express...... Paul McCartneyIn other McCartney-related news, a new study claims one in three meat-eaters who follow the "Meat Free Monday" (MFM) program for five years and beyond turn vegetarian. Research by the UK's Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) and MFM has found that more than 30% of those who engaged with the programme for five years or more stopped eating meat, with 20% of those who engaged for three to five-years. The MFM campaign, which was founded by McCartney and his daughters Mary and Stella McCartney in 2009, encourages people to eat a plant-based diet once a week. The idea is to help reduce their meat consumption in order to slow climate change, conserve precious natural resources and improve their health. - New Musical Express...... Elsewhere on the Fab Four front, an official trailer for Under the Volcano, the new documentary about legendary Beatles producer George Martin's Air Studios in Montserrat, has been shared on YouTube. The untold story of the magical recording studio, which operated from 1979 to 1989, is presented through archival and fresh interviews. The new Universal Pictures documentary is available now on Amazon, Apple TV and YouTube -- as well as on demand via all major cable carriers -- for either $5.99 or $6.99. The studio on the isolated island paradise in Montserrat is responsible for birthing such classic albums as Paul McCartney's Tug of War, Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms, The Police's Synchronicity, and Jimmy Buffett's Volcano. The Rolling Stones' Steel Wheels was the last album recorded at Montserrat in 1989. Later that year, Hurricane Hugo hit, leaving 11,000 of the 12,000 people on the island without their homes, according to the documentary. Then, in 1995, a volcano erupted, leaving the island looking like a nuclear winter. "You bring something out of nothing and it always goes back to nothing again," Martin says in the film. But as the documentary attests, the music and stories remain. - Billboard...... Ringo Starr took to Twitter on Aug. 14 to announce the upcoming release of a new EP, called Change the World. As with Sir Ringo's March-released Zoom In EP, the new songs were recorded at his Roccabella West studio, with the famous drummer revealing he's invited some "new friends" to be involved with the new EP's release. "I've been saying I only want to release EPs at this point and this is the next one," Starr said. Ringo Starr"What a blessing it's been during this year to have a studio here at home and be able to collaborate with so many great musicians, some I've worked with before and some new friends," he added. The EP's lead off track, "Let's Change the World," can be streamed on YouTube and was written by Toto members Joseph Williams and Steve Lukather, who also perform on the track. Starr also worked on the new EP with hitmaker Linda Perry for the first time, who wrote and performs on "Coming Undone," also featuring Trombone Shorty. Another highlight is Ringo's take on the 1955 Rock 'n' Roll classic "Rock Around the Clock," which features guitarist Joe Walsh. Though Starr has released 20 solo studio albums in his career, Change the World is only his third EP, the first being 1995's 4-Starr Collection. Change the World will drop on Sept. 24 in CD, vinyl, cassette and digital formats. - NME...... In other Beatles-related news, Paul McCartney has shared a video on YouTube unveiling how the ultra-trippy film clip for his track "Find My Way" came to life. The colorful, disco-inspired clip, which has also been shared on YouTube, was released in July and features a digitally de-aged McCartney (played by Jordan Johnson) dancing down the halls of a hotel before being teleported to a variety of other locations. "In the same way the track has these seamless transitions from one section to the next, we wanted to do the same thing visually," director Andrew Donaho said in the making-of video. "So we created this oner... It's not a oner, it's a handful of takes stitched together, but it has the feeling of a neverending shot," he added. Upon the original film clip's release, Hyperreal Digital's CEO Remington Scott said: "The technology to de-age talent and have them perform in creative environments like this is now fully-realised, even with one of the most recognised faces in the world." Featuring alternative star Beck, "Find My Way" serves as the opening track to McCartney's most recent album, McCartney III Imagined, itself a reworking of 2020's McCartney III. The album's digital version was released back in April, with its physical edition released in July. - NME, 8/13/21...... In other Fab Four-related news, a new documentary titled Rock & Roll Revival will feature rare footage of John Lennon playing a 1969 solo concert, just days before he left the Beatles. Lennon performed at the Toronto Rock & Roll Revival in Canada, with a hastily assembled Plastic Ono Band which featured his wife Yoko Ono, guitarist Eric Clapton, Yes drummer Alan White and bassist Klaus Voorman. The one-day event, held at the University of Toronto, was the brainchild of young music fan John Brower, who also managed to sign up The Doors and Alice Cooper, as well as such classic rock 'n' rollers as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddley and Gene Vincent. Lennon reportedly had cold feet about his performance and tried to cancel, leaving organizers unsure whether to yank the entire gathering because of poor ticket sales. But once reports reached Toronto that John and Yoko were safely in flight and on their way, fans raced to snap up the remaining tickets -- and the festival went ahead. Rock & Roll Revival will be directed by Ron Chapman and produced by Pennebaker Hegedus Films and Screen Siren Pictures bosses, among others. The 90-minute documentary is expected to hit the film festival circuit in the spring of 2022. - WENN/ London's world-famous Abbey Road Studios where the likes of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kanye West, Adele and Ed Sheeran laid down some of their most iconic tracks is running an open house event until Aug. 15 as part of its 90th birthday celebrations. "Abbey Road: Open House" gives visitors the opportunity to explore all three of the original recording rooms made famous by the above mentioned artists, and visitors will be able to access the control rooms and the famous Studio Two Echo Chamber, which have existed since 1931. - NME...... Paul McCartney has scored his second No. 1 on Billboard's Top Rock Albums chart of 2021 as his latest effort McCartney III Imagined debuted atop the weekly survey for the week of Aug. 7 following its physical release on July 23. McCartney III Imagined starts with 21,000 equivalent album units earned in the July 23-29 tracking week, according to MRC Data, with nearly all its units via album sales. The LP follows the success of its parent album, McCartney III, which topped the Jan. 2 Rock Albums chart with 101,000 units. The two LPs have swelled McCartney's total to four Top Rock Albums No. 1s (dating to the chart's 2006 start). He also led with Memory Almost Full (2007) and Egypt Station (2018). Concurrently, Imagined leads the all-genre Top Album Sales chart, marking McCartney's third No. 1, after Egypt Station and McCartney III, and starts at No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 200. Imagined was initially released Apr. 16 on digital platforms (and dented Top Album Sales for a week at No. 60). The 12-song album features re-dos and remixes of songs from McCartney III by artists including Beck, Josh Homme and St. Vincent. - Billboard......
Dhani HarrisonGeorge Harrison
In other Beatles-related news, George Harrison's son Dhani Harrison has spoken out about John Lennon past comments regarding his father's 1971 iconic double-LP All Things Must Pass. Publicly at least, Lennon was dismissive of the album, telling Rolling Stone in 1970: "I don't know... I think it's all right, you know. Personally, at home, I wouldn't play that kind of music, I don't want to hurt George's feelings, I don't know what to say about it." Now in a new interview with Matt Wilkinson on the Apple Music Hits podcast, Dhani responded to John's comments about the record after Wilkinson pointed to a later interview with session musician Bobby Whitlock saying: "I remember Lennon coming to the studio during the recording sessions quite friendly and being played it, and he was visibly blown away." "Yeah, I mean, how could you not be, especially for The Beatles, I think, to be like... There might've been an oops moment. Like, 'Oops. Shit. Maybe that song was good,'" Dhani responded. "But I think they were all just very happy for each other. How could you not be happy if you had a bandmate who left your band and then went and did that? How could you not be happy for them?," he added. A huge "Uber Deluxe" boxset reissue of Harrison's third post-Beatles solo album was released as an eight LP or five CD plus one Blu-ray set, and as more modest triple vinyl and double CD versions, on Aug. 6. - NME...... Speaking of John Lennon, '60s British hitmaker Petula Clark has told The London Times newspaper that she sang on John and Yoko Ono's 1969 hit "Give Peace a Chance" by accident. Clark said that she had been going through a difficult time while on tour in Montreal during 1969, and decided to visit John Lennon after discovering that John was in town with his wife Yoko. Recalling the lack of security as she approached the late legend's room, Petula said: "John Lennon looks at me and says, 'Is that you, Petula? Come in.' He was lovely. I told him the whole sad story and he was very funny about it, but I said, 'What am I going to do?' He said, 'Oh, f*** 'em.' I said, 'Oh, that's a thought.' In other words, so what, what will be will be." Clark went on to detail how she found other guests singing a "simple little tune," and decided to join in -- although she had no idea that it was John and Yoko's anti-war song, which was released that same year. "And it was all being recorded, I didn't know," the 88-year-old singer said. Petula said she is unable to hear her voice on the Plastic Ono Band song but felt it helped during her tough time in Canada. She said: "[I was] lost in the mix. But I guess it was what I needed at that moment." The "Don't Sleep in the Subway" singer also recalled her friendship with the late Karen Carpenter but admitted she could never match her singing style. "We all have to do it our way. It's no good imitating other singers. Karen, Dusty Springfield too, they were born with this amazing sound in their voice, which I don't have. They were blessed," she said. - Elsewhere on the Fab Four front, two handwritten setlists from the early days of the Beatles are going under the hammer in a Bonhams auction on Oct. 28. The setlists, among only eight believed to still be in existence, are from gigs the band played in 1960 and 1963 respectively. The former was written by Paul McCartney, and is from when the band played at Liscard's Grosvenor Ballroom shortly before changing their name from The Silver Beetles to simply The Beatles. McCartney was the band's drummer at the time. The setlists are expected to fetch anywhere between $150,000 and $250,000. - NME...... A recent post on Instagram shows somebody named Paul McCartney getting vaccinated for Covid-19 and encouraging his fans to do the same with a simple message: "BE COOL. GET VAX'D." Wearing a beanie and a face-mask, the 79-year-old rocker posted the message to Instagram on Aug. 2, signing off as "Paul." The Beatles legend told the UK paper The Sun in Dec. 2020 that he was eager to get the jab when the top-priority groups -- citizens over the age of 50 and those in high-risk categories -- were eligible toward the beginning of 2021. "The vaccine will get us out of this. I think we'll come through it, I know we'll come through, and it's great news about the vaccine," he said in the interview. "I'll have it as soon as I'm allowed." Meanwhile, Sir Paul's recently released McCartney III Imagined has hit No. 1 on Billboard Top Album Sales Chart for the week dated Aug. 7 after previously only being available via digital retail and streaming services. McCartney III Imagined sold 21,000 copies in the U.S. in the week ending July 29 (up from a negligible figure in the week previous), according to MRC Data, thanks to its release on CD, vinyl LP and cassette tape. The album is a collection of remixed songs from McCartney's last studio album, the Dec. 2020 release McCartney III, and was initially released via digital download and streaming services on Apr. 16, 2021. The Imagined set spent one week previously on the Top Album Sales chart, debuting at No. 60 on the May 1-dated chart with 2,200 downloads sold. Imagined is McCartney's third No. 1 on the 30-year-old Top Album Sales chart, following McCartney III (Jan. 2-dated chart) and Egypt Station (Sept. 22, 2018). Imagined's tracklist boasts an eclectic lineup of guests, including Beck, Dominic Fike, St. Vincent, Blood Orange, Phoebe Bridgers, Damon Albarn and Josh Homme. - Billboard...... Yoko OnoAs the 1-year-delayed Olympics games kicks off Tokyo, Yoko Ono has reacted to her late husband's peace anthem "Imagine" being used during the opening ceremony on July 23. After the athlete parade at Tokyo'snew Olympic Stadium, a number of drones formed a globe above the venue, after which John Legend and Keith Urban joined Spanish performer Alejandro Sanz, Beninese singer-songwriter Angelique Kidjo and the Suginami Children's Choir for a moving virtual rendition of "Imagine." Following the performance Ono, who also shares a songwriting credit on the song with John, reacted with a Twitter post where she shared her thoughts on what the song embodied to her and Lennon. "IMAGINE. John and I were both artists and we were living together, so we inspired each other," she wrote. "The song 'Imagine' embodied what we believed together at the time. John and I met -- he comes from the West and I come from the East -- and still we are together." Meanwhile the mini-documentary 24 Hours: The World of John and Yoko was made available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video in May. - New Musical Express...... In other Beatles-related news, isolated audio of Paul McCartney chomping on celery and carrot has been released by the Welsh rock band Super Furry Animals. The band teamed up with Sir Paul on their 2001 track "Receptacle For The Respectable," which will feature on the upcoming 20th-anniversary re-issue of SFA's album Rings Around The World. Band member Gruff Rhys bumped into McCartney at the New Musical Express Awards in 2000, where he accepted the bizarre request to play "carrot and celery" percussion on the song. SFA keyboard player Cian Ciaran commented: "He was going to come to the studio and then decided not to for some reason. So, we sent him stereo backing tracks so he could keep time, then he sent the tape back with a message that started with a really dodgy Welsh accent. Then he goes 'I hope you like it' -- the next thing you know you just hear this chewing sound!" Now fans can get their ears around the full 60-second "Macapella" cameo on YouTube. - Paul McCartney has told the British music mag Uncut that he still has unreleased "story songs" that were written in the style of the Beatles' 1966 track "Eleanor Rigby," although they're unlikely to see the light of day. "I've still got a few that I haven't released," Sir Paul said. "Because I don't think they're that good. It's quite a fun thing to do, to just dream up a name of a character and try and write the story of that character and then make it fit with another character. 'Eleanor Rigby', I did it with just the few. Father McKenzie and Eleanor." He went on to say that the darker tone of "Eleanor Rigby" is the reason it is more popular than some of the more lighthearted "story songs" in his collection. "With my story songs, a lot of them, besides 'Eleanor Rigby', tend to be comedy," he said. "It's me doing the tongue-in-cheek thing, whereas 'Eleanor Rigby' was more serious. I think that's why it was more successful." Meanwhile, Macca will break down his music career in-depth with acclaimed producer Rick Rubin for a new documentary series called McCartney 3,2,1. The show premieres on July 16 on the streaming platform Hulu. - NME...... The BeatlesIn other Beatles-related news, a rare demo the Fab Four recorded at Abbey Road Studios is being put on the auction block. The unheard collection -- which contains early versions of "I am the Walrus," "Fool on the Hill" and "I Me Mine" -- was left behind by the Beatles after a session in he 1960s. The tape went on sale on July 14 at Sworders Auctioneers, and it's expected to fetch up to £700. The listing reads: "Gifted to the vendor, a bass player in a rock band that has sold over 20 million albums. Presented in 1971 while recording their first LP at Abbey Road Studios by a sound technician, the demo itself recorded in the 1960s." It's said the four Beatles left the tape behind after a recording session. - Elsewhere on the Fab Four front, director Peter Jackson has explained why Beatles fans are likely to be surprised by his new docuseries Get Back. Discussing the format of the documentary, which focuses more on conversations than music, Jackson told GQ magazine taht the series will be very "intimate." "I think people will be surprised by the series for two reasons," Jackson said. "One, it'll be far more intimate than they imagined it to be, because everyone is used to seeing music documentaries being a bit kind of MTV-ish, sort of together in a poppy kind of way and it's just the music, music, music, you know? The music isn't at the forefront of this film: weirdly, it's what goes on behind the music at the forefront." He continued: "I mean, even in the rooftop concert, we have the concept that we're inter-cutting all the time to the street and to the policeman and everything else. And that's really true of the whole series -- it's not a sequence of MTV video clips of them doing songs. There's probably more conversations with The Beatles in the films than there is actual singing." The Beatles: Get Back will air on Disney+ between Nov. 25-27. - NME...... Ringo Starr celebrated his 81st birthday on July 7 in Beverly Hills, Calif., with his annual "Peace and Love" event just off Santa Monica Boulevard. Ringo was surrounded by friends, collaborators like Joe Walsh, and family including wife Barbara Bach to celebrate his birthday. "Peace and love. Peace and love," proclaimed Starr, clad in black Adidas track pants and sneakers paired with a denim jacket and a black T-shirt emblazoned with a rainbow-colored hand flashing the peace sign. "Even Joe Walsh got out of bed for it," he quipped. Ringo shared his enthusiasm for being able to attend such an event after an extended period of Covid-19 lockdowns, which forced him to cancel several tours. But the famous drummer still managed to release a five-track EP in March, Zoom In, and has another one ready to debut in September. - The Hollywood Reporter...... George HarrisonIn other Beatles-related news, an unreleased acoustic George Harrison demo called "Cosmic Empire" was released on July 9 and has been shared on YouTube. "Cosmic Empire" will appear on Harrison's recently announced 50th anniversary box set of his classic 1971 album All Things Must Pass, which is due out Aug. 6. As part of the new release, demos of 30 tracks from the All Things Must Pass sessions, including a handful of songs that didn't make the album, are set to be released for the first time. The album has been completely remixed from the original tapes, with Harrison's son Dhani Harrison serving as executive producer and remixing by engineer Paul Hicks, who has done recent re-workings of the Rolling Stones and John Lennon reissues. "The new mix transforms the album by sonically upgrading it -- making it sound brighter, fuller and better than ever before," a press release for the new version reads. The reissue will also be released as an eight LP or five CD plus one Blu-ray set, as well as in triple vinyl and double CD versions. - New Musical Express...... Elsewhere on the Fab Four front, an official trailer for the new in-depth Paul McCartney series McCartney 3, 2, 1 has been shared on YouTube. The upcoming six-episode Hulu documentary series will see the legendary musician break down his music career in depth with acclaimed producer Rick Rubin. McCartney and Rubin are seen dissecting such Beatles tunes as "Come Together," "All My Loving," "With a Little Help From My Friends" and "In My Life" in the trailer. - NME...... Paul McCartney has given his stamp of approval after the comedy rock duo Tenacious D shared a rendition of two songs from the medley that features on the Beatles' 1969 album Abbey Road on YouTube. Tenacious D begins their cover with the medley's opener, "You Never Give Me Your Money," with Jack Black and Kyle Gass' vocals harmonizing as the latter plays acoustic guitar. Towards the end of the track they transition into the medley's finale, "The End." Tenacious D are releasing their medley as a limited-edition vinyl, all proceeds from which will go to Doctors Without Borders. Shortly after the medley was released, McCartney gave it his stamp of approval, hailing it as "fantastic" and praising Tenacious D for their take on the classic songs. "It's so imaginative and so well performed," the Beatles singer posted on his Twitter page. "What a great tribute to the original. Guys - I love it," he added. Tenacious D's Beatles medley marks the latest in a string of classic songs the duo have shared their take on recently. In June, Gass released a cover of the Ramones classic "I Wanna Be Sedated," changing the lyrics to transform the song into a Covid vaccination anthem. - NME...... British synthesizer pioneer and composer Peter Zinovieff died on June 23 after suffering a fall at his home earlier in June and been in hospital for 10 days. He was 88. "With a heavy heart, I am sorry to confirm the death on Wednesday evening of Peter Zinovieff, composer, founder of EMS, and pioneer of computer music in the UK," composer James Gardner wrote on Twitter. Mr. Zinovieff's company Electronic Music Studios (EMS) was one of the first to make synthesizers publicly available, and he was said to have sold the instruments to the likes of the Beatles, David Bowie, Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd, even teaching many of them how to use his creations. In a 2015 interview with The Guardian, Mr. Zinovieff spoke of how he taught Ringo Starr how to use one of his bestselling synths, the VCS3. "I had a nice time teaching Ringo Starr how to use it," he said. "I would go to his house in Hampstead. He wasn't particularly good. But then neither was I." Mr. Zinovieff also collaborated with Paul McCartney in 1967 on the unreleased composition "Carnival of Light." "I'd like to get in touch with him about it," he told The Guardian, hinting that he would want the piece to see the light of day. "But I'm quite in awe -- how do you get in touch with God?" Mr. Zinovieff is survived by his fourth wife, Jenny Jardine, and six children. - NME...... Ringo StarrRingo Starr is inviting everyone to help celebrate his 81st birthday on July 7 by "spreading peace and love." The invitation comes as part of his annual "Peace And Love" birthday initiative, a tradition he started on July 7, 2008, the date of his 68th birthday, after being asked by a journalist what he would like for his birthday. "Peace and love," was his answer. Since then Ringo has invited everyone everywhere to think, say or post #peaceandlove at noon their local time on July 7 "to fulfil his birthday wish and encircle the planet in a wave of Peace and Love." On June 28, Starr shared a video message on YouTube: "I'm inviting everyone who wants to join the peace and love celebration for my birthday at noon your time wherever you are, 7-7-21," he said. "You can post it, you can say it, you can even think it - but it would be really cool if you go 'Peace and Love' at noon on my birthday -- so let's spread peace and love on my birthday -- c'mon everybody!" Usually on his birthday, Starr meets with fans wherever he is in the world. It's a tradition that began on July 7, 2008 when he convened with fans and friends in front of the Hard Rock Café in Chicago, passing out cupcakes and joining the crowd for "Peace and Love" at exactly noon. - NME...... In other Beatles-related news, a host of celebrities and influencers from the world of music, film, fashion and photography have joined forces with Paul McCartney's daughter Stella McCartney and global animal protection organisation Humane Society International to call for a global end to fur cruelty. Launched as part of McCartney's Autumn 2021 "Our time has come" campaign, which dropped earlier in June with a tongue-in-cheek nature mockumentary narrated by British comedian David Walliams, the celebrities posted fur-free video messages on Instagram wearing a variety of animal costumes featured in McCartney's short film. In the video messages, Stella McCartney, Sir Paul McCartney and Mary McCartney wearing animal head costumes (Paul also appears in Stella and Mary's videos), call for their audience to sign HSI's petition to end deadly fur globally. The latest phase of the campaign comes during the British government's Call for Evidence to consider the case for a UK fur import and sales ban, something Stella McCartney passionately supports. - Paul McCartney will be among the musicians appearing in Mark Ronson's upcoming Watch the Sound on Apple TV+. The six-part docuseries examines "sound creation and the revolutionary technology that has shaped music as we know it," according to a statement about the show from Oscar-winning producer Morgan Neville. The series will make its debut on July 30, with each episode following host Ronson as he digs into the untold stories behind some of your favorite songs and the relentless search for the perfect sound. Other musicians slated to appear include Sean Ono Lennon, Dave Grohl, Gary Numan, Questlove and the Beastie Boys. A trailer for the new series can be viewed on YouTube. - Billboard...... Ringo StarrIn other Beatles-related news, Ringo Starr has dropped his legal battle against the makers of a sex toy called "Ring O." The famous drummer had challenged the toy's trademark and argued the similarity to his name could cause confusion, arguing that his reputation could be damaged if the name was registered as a US trademark. Starr has now withdrawn the complaint after an agreement was reached with Ring O manufacturers. His lawyers initially argued that the brand was "identical in appearance, sound, connotation and pronunciation" to his own name, which he had previously trademarked. Documents filed by his legal team in 2019 said: "Consumers will likely believe that Opposer's [Starr's] newest venture is sex toys -- and this is an association that Opposer does not want." Having argued that the connection would tarnish his "name, likeness and brand," a new settlement has now seen Pacific Holdings and Momentum Management agree to "avoid any activity likely to lead to confusion" between their product and Starr. The deal states that the firms can only use the name for adult sex toys and sprays, and there must be a space between the "Ring" and "O." They have also promised not to "degrade, tarnish or deprecate or disparage" Starr's name or image and confirmed they will avoid making any reference or innuendo to associate the product with him. Starr is yet to directly comment on the settlement. - New Musical Express...... The Walt Disney Studios, Apple Corps Ltd. and WingNut Films Productions Ltd announced on June 17 that director Peter Jackson's highly anticipated Beatles documentary The Beatles: Get Back will debut in a streaming format on Disney+ over the 2021 Thanksgiving holiday. The three-episode, six-hour series had previously been scheduled to hit theaters this August, but now the film will roll out online on Nov. 25, 26 and 27 exclusively on Disney+. "As a huge Beatles fan myself, I am absolutely thrilled that Disney+ will be the home for this extraordinary documentary series by the legendary filmmaker Peter Jackson, Disney chief Bob Iger said in a statement. The rockumentary promises never-before-seen footage to illustrate the camaraderie, genius songwriting and musical world impact of the Beatles, drawing from material originally shot by Michael Lindsay-Hogg while the band was recording the 1970 album Let It Be, the band's final LP release that had the working title of "Get Back." Lindsay-Hogg's Let It Be film was shot in 1969 but not released until 1970, after the band had officially broken up. Ahead of the doc series Disney+ debut, Apple Corps Ltd./Callaway Arts & Entertainment will release a companion The Beatles: Get Back book on Oct. 12. - The Hollywood Reporter...... In other Beatles-related news, Paul McCartney is among some England's top musicians who are donating prizes to a new campaign to help London's homeless. Streets Of London, the registered charity which funds specialist support for people who are homeless in the capital, has kickstarted its #comeonhome campaign with a unique prize draw. Prizes in the draw include a signed gift box from McCartney, a meet and greet opportunity with The 1975, a Fender Stratocaster signed by Mark Knopfler, tickets and an overnight stay for Craig David's upcoming O2 Arena gig, as well as gift boxes from Liam Gallagher, Jorja Smith and many more. Other prizes include items from Foals, Coldplay, Eric Clapton, Jessie Ware and The Chemical Brothers. Tickets for the #comeonhome charity prize draw, which closes on June 25, cost £5.00. - New Musical Express...... George HarrisonAn "Uber Deluxe" 50th anniversary version of George Harrison's first post-Beatles solo effort All Things Must Pass has been announced. The new reissue comes with eight 180g vinyl LPs, five CD and one Blu-ray audio disc, housed in an artisan designed wooden crate. As well as the original album, it contains 47 demos and outtakes (42 of which are previously unreleased). The Blu-ray disc contains high-res stereo of the album in 5.1 surround sound. The crate also contains two books: a 96-page scrapbook designed by Harrison's widow Olivia, a 44-page book of archival interviews with notes from the period, and even 1/6 replicas of Harrison and some yard gnomes as seen on the cover. The original album has been completely remixed from the original tapes, with Harrison's son Dhani Harrison serving as executive producer. Mixing comes from engineer Paul Hicks, whose credits include recent re-workings of The Rolling Stones' Goat's Head Soup and John Lennon's Gimme Some Truth. "The new mix transforms the album by sonically upgrading it -- making it sound brighter, fuller and better than ever before," a press release for the new version reads. The reissue will also be released as an eight LP or five CD plus one Blu-ray set, and as more modest triple vinyl and double CD versions. All will be released on Aug. 6. - New Musical Express...... If you thought every conceivable aspect of the Beatles' career had been thorougly investigated and documented, think again. The Beatles and India, a new documentary on the Fab Four's time in India in the late '60s, will premiere in the UK in June. The film is co-helmed by first-time director Ajoy Bose, author of Across The Universe - The Beatles In India, and will comprise of rare archival footage, recordings and photographs, eye-witness accounts and expert comments along with location shoots across India. Cultural researcher Pete Compton is Bose's directing partner, and the film will premiere in the UK on June 6 as part of the Tongues On Fire UK Asian Film Festival ahead of a full release in the fall that will coincide with The Beatles and India: Songs Inspired by the Film, a companion album of interpretations of 19 Beatles songs from contemporary Indian artists. The covers will be of songs that the band were inspired to write from their time in India. The first single from The Beatles and India has been released, and features Indian singer-songwriter Nikhil D'Souza performing "India, India," John Lennon's ode to the country. The track has been shared on YouTube and can be purchased on - NME...... In other Beatles-related news, Strawberry Field, the latest addition to Beatles tourism in Liverpool and now open to the public, have commenced celebrations by inviting a student from Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts to play the very piano on which John Lennon composed and recorded "Imagine," with The Liverpool Signing Choir singing the words to the inspirational song. Lennon's world-famous piano was once toured by late pop star George Michael as a symbol of peace in the early 2000s and hasn't been played in a performance since 2007. It is now on loan to the Strawberry Field exhibition, courtesy of Michael's estate. The upright Steinway piano, purchased by the singer-songwriter in 2000 was delivered to Strawberry Field on Oct. 2, 2020, to mark what would have been John's 80th birthday. It is now on display in the Strawberry Field exhibition. Tickets to the exhibition can be purchased on the Strawberry Field website. - Klaus VoormannElsewhere on the Fab Four front, Beatles lieutenant Klaus Voormann remembered the first time he saw George Harrison in an interview with Uncut magazine. Describing an encounter with an early incarnation of the Beatles at Hamburg's Kaiserkeller in 1960, Voormann said: "The first time I saw George he was only 17 years of age. He was very different to how he was later. He was a cocky little boy! This band he was with was completely unknown. George was singing all those funny songs, which he did later on a little bit, when he sat around and played ukulele. He was into songs like 'I'm Henry The Eighth, I Am,' singing it all cockney. He would sing all those Eddie Cochran numbers too, like 'Twenty Flight Rock'." Voormann went on to design the Beatles' Revolver album cover (for which he won a Grammy), play on Harrison's All Things Must Pass solo album, three of Ringo Starr's solo albums and four of John Lennon's solo efforts. He was for a time rumoured to be replacing Paul McCartney in a reformed Beatles project. - NME, 5/26/21.  

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