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Beatlemaniac Test

How extreme is your Beatles obsession? Place a check in the box if any of these 50 qualities are true for you, then total your "Beatlemaniac Score":

1. The Beatles are, without a doubt, my all-time favorite band.
2. I currently own at least one Beatles T-shirt.
3. I own or have owned a Beatles board game.
4. I have The Beatles: Rock Band video game.
5. I have every Beatles song on record or CD.
6. I bought each new Beatles album the day it came out.
7. I belonged to the Beatles Fan Club.
8. I saw A Hard Days Night at the theater.
9. I saw Help! at the theater.
10. I saw Yellow Submarine at the theater.
11. I saw Let It Be at the theater.
12. I saw John in concert.
13. I saw Paul in concert.
14. I saw George in concert.
15. I saw Ringo in concert.
16. I saw all four Beatles in concert.
17. I've never missed a solo Beatle's concert in my area.
18. I've seen the musical, "Beatlemania."
19. I've seen "LOVE" by Cirque du Soleil.
20. I saw a Beatle up close.
21. I met a Beatle.
22. I have a Beatle's autograph.
23. I had at least one dream about the Beatles.
24. I have/had Beatles posters on my walls.
25. I played a Beatles song this week.
26. I played a Beatles song today.
27. I had a Beatles haircut.
28. I wore Beatle Boots.
29. I wore John Lennon glasses.
30. I wore a John Lennon hat.
31. I own a Beatles key chain.
32. I own a Beatles magnet.
33. I currently use a Beatles calendar.
34. I have a large supply of Beatle videos/DVDs.
35. I read at least one Beatles book, cover to cover.
36. I have attended a Beatlefest or other Beatles convention.
37. I own a Beatles mug.
38. I have or had Beatles trading cards.
39. I have or had Beatles bobble head dolls.
40. I have or had a Beatle-ly license plate.
41. I had a Beatle lunch box.
42. I like to quote lines from Beatles movies.
43. I played in a Beatles tribute band.
44. I went to Liverpool to see Beatle sites.
45. I named one one of my children or pets after a Beatle.
46. I like to talk with a Beatles accent.
47. I bought a guitar similar to a Beatle guitar.
48. I have a Beatles tattoo.
49. I underwent plastic surgery to look like a Beatle.
50. I legally changed my name to "Ringo Starr."


90-100% Beatlemaniac - Sun King
80-89% Beatlemaniac - Baby You're a Rich Man
70-79% Beatlemaniac - Good Day Sunshine
60-69% Beatlemaniac - Getting Better
50-59% Beatlemaniac - I Should Have Known Better
40-49% Beatlemaniac - It's All Too Much
30-39% Beatlemaniac - Cry Baby Cry
20-29% Beatlemaniac - I'm a Loser
10-19% Beatlemaniac - Nowhere Man
  0-9% Beatlemaniac - The Fool On the Hill

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