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Manson & the Beatles

Subject: Manson & the Beatles
From: Rauk <102661.64@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 12 Apr 1996 02:08:54 GMT

The link between Charles Manson and the Beatles.

The Beatles are a form of communication that goes beyond music or
pop celebrity.  Especially in the '60s, interpretations were made of
the musical prophets of the day, with the Beatles being at the
pinnacle of this sacred mountain. Fueled and opened by drugs, the
imagination spoke to reality and the lines were blurred. Art is
often defined as that which moves or inspires a person, not what it
moves that person to do. And was it really Charlie that invented
'Helter Skelter' ( the notion that a race war would erupt, where
blacks are victorious but eventually require Manson to rise up from
the 'city in the hole' to lead the desperate masses) or did he just
become 'hip' to it, being a shared system of beliefs derived from
messages 'channeled' by the Beatles and the Family's collective
experiences. Other apocalyptical cults in California at the time
had similar beliefs and teachings about the perceived impending

Charlie was a Beatles fan. Beatle music played as day-to-day life
performed itself out at Spahn Ranch and other places Charlie lived.
Barely clad nubile hippie girls dance around  and the smell of brown
rice and miso fill the air as the strains of the Beatles new double
album encompass the room. They tripped, made love, sang along to,
and lived that album. Being moved by the music and it's experiences,
they made interpretation where applications to some to their lives
became evident to them. They took names from the album (Sexie Sadie
aka Susan Atkins) and expressions from lyrics punctuated all of
their speech. It was said that Charlie would only quote from the
Bible or the Beatles. Here are some of the suggested interpretations
that were allegedly made by the Family from the Beatles works:

"Piggies": the establishment gets a "damn good whacking"

"I Will": an ode to J.C. or Charlie?

"Happiness is a Warm Gun": arm yourself for a race war

"Blackbird": a call for Blacks to aRISE

"Revolution": Impending disaster (what more do you need...are you out
or in?)

"Helter Skelter":  a British slide or prophecy about Manson emerging 
from the 'bottomless pit'

"Revolution #9" = Revelation #9. Revelation #9 is a book in the Bible
that deals with prophecy and apocalypse. Revolution #9 is a sonic
pastiche, wide open for interpretation is it the story of the
apocalypse, or more proof that Paul is dead?

Other "Revelation #9" parallels:

'Angles with breastplates of fire': the Beatles with electric

"Out of the smoke, locusts upon the earth; and unto to them was
given power": locusts = beetles = Beatles

'Faces of men but hair of women': like...long hair Yea Yea Yea!
The chapter starts out with 5 angels, but ends with 4: the Beatles
were 5 (with Stu) or...was Charlie the 5th angel with the 'key to
the bottomless pit'?

What is the truth here? There are too many true parallels between
the Bible and the Beatles work to be ignored. Charlie was just
sensitive to this fact. But did he write himself into the legend?
Was 'Helter Skelter' a story of an impending race war, or an
interpretation of an impressionist painting? Pothead philosophical
notions or actual belief? Of this we will never know. But did he
actually tell people to carry out an organized catalyst to 'Helter
Skelter'? Of this there is reasonable doubt. And even if that were
true, he would only be guilty of conspiracy or accessory at worst!
It could be that Bugliosi invented a concrete version of 'Helter
Skelter' to serve his own purposes, because the 'copy-cat' scenario
did not implicate Charlie enough. Irregardless, one thing is clear:
The Beatles have power beyond normal human comprehension.

Sources: Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi w/ Curt Gentry (WW
         Norton & Co., NY, 1974)
	   The Family  by Ed Sanders (AVON Books, NY, 1972)
	   'White Album' by The Beatles (Apple Records, UK, 1968)

Prof. Rauk
'Nothing to get hung about' JL

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April 11, 1996
10:14 pm
"Nothing to get hung about" JL

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