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Alternate Tunings on Beatles Songs

Subject: Re: Alternate Tunings?
From: Walrus 
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 22:10:17 GMT

John "Mudbone" Soares wrote:
> On 14 Mar 1996, theOcean wrote:
> > Yes, a few times.  Dropped-D seemed to be a favourite of their's
> > with tunes like "Dear Prudence","Fixing a hole" and "I Want You
> > (she's so heavy)" outside of that "Rain" sounds alt., but I
> > haven't tried that one yet.  They definitely seemed to like
> > capos:
> I didn't know about 'I Want You' being dropped-d.  I'd never played
> it like that, but it sounds reasonable.  As far as I can recall,
> 'Rain' is in open d (DADF#AD, low to high).
> You may try 'the Complete Beatles Scores' from Hal Leonard
> Publishing.  They do an extensive job transcribing the guitar parts
> (in standard sheet music and tablature) with what appears to me to
> be good work with tunings and use of capo.  Good book, not too
> expensive (about 50 dollars, but considering it's over 1000 pages
> long with over 200 songs, not bad).
> john soares

The Beatles also did alternate tunings on:

The slide guitar for "For You Blue" (D A D F# C D)
The guitar on Yellow Submarine (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
The guitar on Rain (G D G G B D)
The lead guitar on Act Naturally (Drop 6th string to D)
The Rhythm guitar on Dear Prudence (Drop 6th string to D)
and so on....

According to the book mentioned by John.

The Walrus

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