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Officially Unreleased Beatle Songs

       _A list of officially-unreleased Beatle songs_

       Compiled by Bruce Precourt, version 1.0, May 1993

   (Sources: _All Together Now_ by Castleman & Podrazik, 1975,
       and _The Beatles: A Day in the Life_ by Schultheiss, 1981)

The songs are listed chronologically. The list is not comprehensive,
i.e., it does not list ALL songs from a particular session, but only
those not appearing on legitimate releases; e.g., the Decca audition
tape also included Till There Was You, Please Mr. Postman and Money,
but these appeared on later legitimate recordings.

I've tried to include only _Beatles_ songs (as opposed to solo
works), but there is understandably much uncertainty on many of the
later ones which I've never heard.

The list:

Jan 1962 (Decca audition): The Sheik of Araby, Red Sails in the
Sunset, Like Dreamers Do, Hello Little Girl, Love of the Loved, To
Know Her is To Love Her, Memphis, Three Cool Cats

Early-mid 1962: I Lost My Little Girl, Looking Glass, Thinking of
Linking, The Years Roll Along, Winston's Walk, Keep Looking That
Way, Catswalk

June 1962 (Parlophone audition): Hello Little Girl, Besame Mucho,
Your Feet's Too Big

Summer 1962 (from BBC Radio): I Got a Woman, I Just Don't
Understand, Lonesome Tears in My Eyes, I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and
Cry Over You, Sure to Fall, To Know Her is To Love Her, The
Honeymoon Song, Don't Ever Change, A Shot of Rhythm and Blues, Glad
All Over, Nothin' Shakin', So How Come, Crying Waiting Hoping

Note: up to here, Pete Best was the Beatles' drummer;
Ringo replaced him in mid-August '62

late Aug 1962 (a TV show featuring the Cavern Club): Some Other Guy

Fall 1962 (from BBC radio): I'll Be On My Way

Nov 1962: How Do You Do It

Late December 1962: the Star Club Tapes (available on a semi-
legitimate double album)

Late 1962 (studio outtakes): I Forgot to Remember to Forget, Lucille

Jan 1963 (from Radio Luxembourg): Carol, Lend Me Your Comb

Feb 1963 (Please Please Me outtakes): Bad to Me, I'm in Love, I'll
Keep You Satisfied, Keep Your Hands Off My Baby

Mar 1963: The Tip of My Tongue, I'll Be On My Way

Early-Mid 1963 (from BBC Radio): Hippy Hippy Shake, Sure to Fall,

May 1963 (from BBC television):  Happy Birthday, Johnny B. Goode,
Memphis Tennessee

Mid-1963: I Got a Woman, Soldiers of Love

1964:  From a Window, I Don't Want to See You Again, It's For You,
Like Dreamers Do, Nobody I Know, One and One is Two, Hello Little
Girl, Home, Moonglow, Raunchy, You are My Sunshine, Shout
(and others)

Sept 1964 (Beatles for Sale outtakes): You'll Know What To Do,
Always and Only

Oct 1964: Echoes of the Mersey Side

Oct 1964 (from an American TV appearance): The House of the Rising

May-Jun 1965: Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (second version)

Oct 1965 (Rubber Soul outtakes): Rubber Soul, Maisy Jones, Baby
Jane, If You've Got Troubles, That Means a Lot

Mid-1966: Pink Litmus Paper Shirt, Colliding Circles

May-Jun 1967: Not Unknown, Anything, India, Annie, All Together on
the Wireless Machine

Jun 1967: What a Shame Maryjane Had a Pain at the Party, Peace of

early 1968: Step Inside Love, Goodbye

summer 1968: Jubilee, Not Guilty (redone on George's 1979 solo

August 1968: What a Shame Maryjane Had a Pain at the Party/What's
the New Maryjane

January 1969: dozens of rock-and-roll oldies from the Get Back/Let
It Be sessions

early March 1969: (retakes of) What's the New Maryjane, Jubilee,
Not Guilty, I Should Like to Live Up a Tree

summer 1969 (Abbey Road sessions): Bad Penny Blues, Four Nights in
Comes to Town, Zero is Just Another Number

early 1970: Peace of Mind and over sixty other songs (titles

Spring 1970: Bye Bye Bye

end of list

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